We are dedicated to crafting fine wines from unique growing regions throughout California that reveal their place of origin.
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Leslie Bowlus

Leslie Creek

Winemaker & Owner

As I reached the second half of my life, I began a journey of studying and traveling to wine regions throughout the world. Immediately I was taken with the uniqueness of each region and how the local culture, food, history, climate and soils influenced the surrounding vineyards and their wines. Over time, through countless tastings and cellar visits, I began to develop a taste and passion for wines made using low interventionist winemaking that express their place of origin. Sharing these wines and paring them with food and family, eventually fueled my own passion to make wine that could be expressive and authentic. This journey of finding my “place”, which started over a decade ago, has inspired me to make wines that reflect their “Sense of Place.”

Winemaking Philosophy

We believe that wine is made in the vineyard and that the foundation of a great wine is in outstanding fruit. The simple philosophy that a wine should express it’s terroir and uniqueness found in the vineyard site, is one that is most authentic to us. Minimal intervention winemaking, which includes native yeasts and allowing the fruit to make it’s own path, results in crafting wines that are balanced, and bare the blueprint of the particular vineyard and vintage.