We are dedicated to crafting fine wines from unique growing regions throughout California that reveal their place of origin.
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Our Approach

We believe that the foundation of a great wine is outstanding fruit. It is our mission to find the most varietally expressive sites in California. We are committed to organic and sustainable farming practices and we choose only to work with vineyard growing partners who share the same passion. These resulting practices produce extremely high quality fruit through methods that are ecologically and environmentally healthy. As we firmly believe that all great wines are first made in the vineyard, we strive to bring forth the singular expression of each site by tailoring a specific winemaking plan to each vintage and vineyard. Our ultimate goal is to have the unique expression of each site shine through and not the hand of the winemaker.

Brosseau Vineyard

Brosseau Vineyard

Chalone AVA, Monterey County, CA

The Brousseau Vineyard is located atop a remote rugged 1600’ hilltop in the Chalone AVA of Monterey County. The Brousseau Family have been farming Pinot Noir and other varietals from this vineyard since 1981. The fruit sourced for our wines are farmed organically and were planted in 2002. This organic vineyard site is an exceptionally rare combination of limestone, decomposed granite and volcanic rocks. The soils composition is sandy, clay, loam and gravel. These traits combined with our winemaking philosophy help create wines crafted with great intensity and aging potential that reflect their “place of origin”.


Escolle Vineyard

Santa Lucia Highlands AVA, Monterey County, CA

The Escolle Vineyard is located in the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA of Monterey County and was planted in 2008 with 32 acres of Chardonnay and 98 acres of Pinot Noir. The Santa Lucia Highlands is a premier cool-climate wine growing district with coastal influence of fog and wind from the Monterey Bay that reduces temperatures and allows for slow ripening and a longer growing season. The dominant soils in the area are Chualar Loam, Arroyo Seco Gravelly Loam and Placentia Sandy Loam and are perfect for growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.


Braff Vineyard

Big Sur, Monterey County, CA

The Braff Vineyard sits atop a steep and rocky Big Sur ridge rising over 1100 feet and overlooking the Big Sur coastline less than a mile in the distance. The exposed coastal location produces tiny quantities of intensely flavored Chardonnay grapes that every year struggle on the fringe of ripeness; struggling against powerful winds, dense fog and cold weather at this extremely rare and beautiful site.